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Terms and Conditions

All sales are final. All orders are non refundable or returnable after 24 hours from exact purchase date. Any canceled/ refunded orders within 24 hours or order date WILL be charged a 10 percent fee. All products may vary from the pictures listed, and all products and designs are subject to differ or change from listed pictures without notice. We are NOT held liable for any issues or damages that may occur from or while using our parts. All parts are installed and used at purchasers/ consumers own risk. All Hardware, heims, bolts, shocks,coils etc, or any parts thereof not manufactured by us (RI-FAB) are not covered by any warranty whatsoever. All parts are sold/ shipped AS IS. User MUST assume all responsibility. Due to liability purposes all parts/products sold are "offroad use only" use on or off-road at your own risk. We are NOT to be held liable for any shipping damages or losses. Any products lost in transit are NOT our responsability and must be resolved with the shipping company, (UPS/ truck freight). Once products leave our facility customer is fully responsible for installing and using any products made and/ or sold by us. We are Not to be held liable for any failures, damages, losses, injury or death caused by installation and use of any products made or sold by us (RI-FAB)

Return Policy

ALL sales are final. No returns are accepted. Most orders are refundable 24 hours from exact purchase date only and will be subject to a 10 percent order cancelation fee. Orders are NON refundable or returnable once order has been shipped. Refunds or returns are NOT accepted on any non RI-FAB brand parts, such as shocks, coils etc. There will be NO refunds or returns on any custom built or special ordered products. If there is any issues with fitment or other technical issues please contact us, we'll do our best to help. Most parts are built to order with approximate build times, which do vary, please be patient as we work very hard to fulfill orders as soon as possible. All products may slightly vary from listed pictures, and all products, prices, designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. 

LIMITED Warranty

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all in house fabricated steel parts. This warranty ONLY applies to steel fabricated parts. We warranty all welds and steel fabricated parts against failure for life, only valid while in possesion of the original purchaser. Warranty is NOT transferable whatsoever. Warranty is instantly disqualified if any modifications are made to the orginal parts as manufactured and shipped out by us. Warranty does NOT cover any wear parts, heims, bolts, bushings, misc harware, shocks or any parts not manufactured by us (RI-FAB). Warranty does NOT cover any regular wear and tear on any products. Warranty ONLY applies to products under normal use. Parts are not warrantied if used in any racing or heavy off-road applications. Warranty is also subject to be voided for any reasonable reasons determined by us, (RI-FAB). Warranty is to be voided if any parts fail due to incorrect install or use. Warranty does NOT cover any failed parts whatsoever involved in any collision or altrecation of that sort. Warranty only applies to welds/ steel fabricated parts failing during normal operation/ use. We are NOT to be held liable for any vehicle damages, presonal damages, injury or death from any part failures on products purchased and used from us, whether it be to the purchaser or anyone else involved. Purchaser ultimately MUST assume all responsiblity for using any items purchased from us.

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