98-13  Dodge  Showstyle lift kit

98-13 Dodge Showstyle lift kit

SKU: 23GSSL-612

Have you been shopping for a lift kit but everything available is super plain and basic? If you're wanting a fancy kit that stands out then this is the kit for you!


This awesome lift kit not only looks killer, but its also fully functional and usable! We combine top notch quality with clean looks and great performance. Your truck will drive and handle better then stock with this kit!


                                   MADE IN THE USA!


We manufacture this kit right here in our North Idaho facility. The kit ships directly from us, which cuts out any middle man, so if there is ever any issues then you deal directly with our extremely knowlegeable team.




This lift comes complete with all the show style parts that we offer for 98-13 trucks.



Showstyle parts included in the lift are;


Front longarm kit (bolt on)


Rear traction bar kit (bolt on)


Front sway bar kit (with adjustable links)


All other parts in the kit are also made to look as clean and appealing as possible.



Other parts included in the lift kit are;


Dual rate front coil springs


Heavy duty crossover steering kit, (w. 7/8 heims) with dual steering stabilizer shock brackets


Heavy duty adjustable trac bar 7(/8 heims)


Adjustable front sway bar links 


(98-02 trucks come with adjustable rear sway bar links as well)


(98-02 trucks come with trac bar adapter bracket to adapt truck to 3rd gen style HD trac bar (included)


Heavy duty fabricated rear block kit (with new U bolts) bolt on axle cups included for the traction bars.



The kit comes complete with all bolts and hardware needed.


This kit is fully bolt on, no welding required. (front factory link mounts do need cut off)



(Shocks are NOT included, different shock brands available on products page.)



Lift kit is custom built to order, 3-6 week build time.