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94-02 Dodge Crossover Steering Kit

94-02 Dodge Crossover Steering Kit


Are you tired of death wobble and loose steering in your 2nd Gen Dodge Ram?


We have the perfect upgrade for you! Our heavy duty crossover steering kit is a huge upgrade from the factory style steering.


Our steering does not have ball joints, but instead it has fully adjustable and replaceable high precision heim joints.


Each 7/8 heim joint is made out of chromoly heat treated steel, and has a static deformation load of 45,000 lbs. and a breaking strength of over 65,000 lbs. Thats a insane amount of load stress so you’ll never have to worry about a heim breaking.


Each end of the steering links is adjustable and individually replaceable, making it very affordable when there's a need to replace the heims.


We also don't use a thin solid rod like the factory steering, we use a one piece 1/4'' wall x 1.5'' DOM tubing which is a lot stronger and will not crack, break or bend.


It takes over 40,000 lbs for the tube to bend. We warranty the tubing part and the welds of our all kits for life against breaking or cracking.



Each kit is precisely bent to offer optimal clearance on any aftermarket deep pan diff covers or dual shock setups.




Each kit is shipped in bare steel, and is ready for paint or powder coat.



The kit is available to fit different lift sizes, years and models and also available with or without dual stabilizer shocks brackets.


If you plan on running stabilizer shocks, you will need to also buy our axle mount shock brackets, available on products page. (make sure to select -NO- on the center tierod brackets.


THIS KIT WILL NOT WORK WITH THE FACTORY STABILIZER SHOCK BRACKET, our axle mounted brackets must be purchased.



Kits come with beefy 7/8 heims, and fine thread grade 8 bolts



Available for 1994-02 4x4 1500/2500/3500 models with straight axle front ends. Will not fit 1500 rams with a IFS or 2wd.




EACH KIT IS CUSTOM BUILT TO ORDER, PLEASE ALLOW 2-4 WEEKS FOR MANUFACTURING. (build times do vary, as we are extremely busy)

  • Return and Refund Policy

    We do NOT accept any returns and we will not issue any refunds after 24 hrs of order being placed. 24 hours after the order is place the order is FINAL and we will not refund or accept any returns.

    If there is any issues with fitment or any product flaws and we will do our best to fix any problems. Please contact our office by phone or email.




  • tech specs

    Heim size 7/8  chromoly. 

    Bushings- 5/8 hole stainless

    Main bolt size- 5/8'' grade 8 fine thread with nylock nuts.

    Dom tube- 1/4 wall x 1.5 OD.

    Shock brackets- 1/4'' thick prewelded. w. 1/2'' holes, 1.5'' width, For standard shocks.



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