14-23  Dodge Show Style Airrde lift

14-23 Dodge Show Style Airrde lift

SKU: 5GSA1018

Do you have a Dodge Ram 2500 but don't want a small basic lift like everyone else? We've got you covered!


Our new Show style airride lift is the baddest bolt on lift on the market!


Fully bolt on design, which means you dont need to be a skilled fabricator to install this kit. We have spent countless hours designing this kit to be as easy and as fast as possible to install.


This lift combines the fancy show truck look with clean well designed parts, that improve the ride and handling quality way over stock. Just because a truck is lifted big doesn't mean it cant drive better then stock, and our kits achive that.


This kit comes complete with bolt on cradles, show style front and rear 4 link, full airride system, FOX reservoir shocks, and many other awesome features.


Kit comes with 10 inch travel firestone sleeve bags, and ride height is set at a little over halfway of that travel.


For example, a 10-12 kit, will be designed to drive between 10-12 inches of lift, it will go down to a 6'' lift and up to a 16'' lift at max height.


The kit comes complete with a full airsystem, dual tanks compressors, and a badass Airlift 3P air management controller with a in cab touchpad and a bluetooth phone app, truck can be fully controlled from outside just by your phone.



The kit also comes standard with  FOX remote reservoir shocks, and dual Fox steering stabilizer shocks, all this combined with the airbags and the 4 link system provides a amazing ride and handling.



This kit only fits Dodge Ram 2500 2014-23 4wd trucks.


Will NOT fit Ram 1500 or 3500 trucks or 2wd trucks.



Kit ships in bare steel by semi truck must have a business delivery address and a forklift, custom built to order, 2-4 month current build time.

  • Tech specs

    THIS KIT ONLY FITS RAM 2500, 4wd TRUCKS. Will NOT fit 1500 or 3500 trucks.

    Factory front and rear frame side link brackets must be cut off, a few holes must be reamed to a 3/4 hole and a few small holes drilled otherwise kit is fully bolt on. 2014 -2018 trucks will need fron t trac bar drop bracket welded on, 2019-up brackets full bolt on.

  • Kit contents

    adjustable drag link

    front adjustable trac bar, with drop bracket

    rear adjustable trac bar, with drop bracket

    custom tierod, with dual steering shock bracket kit

    fully bolt on front and rear bag mounts, with firestone bags

    fully bolt on cradle kit, with overlays (truck MUST be deleted)

    bolt on front and rear show style links, with bolt on overlays

    all overlays come with stainless button head bolts 

    bolt on rear axle lower truss w. built bag mounts. Built in rock light tab on the inside of truss as well.

    rear mounted airbox, slides up by spare tire winch, zero mods required.

    dual air compressors

    dual 5 gallon airtanks 

    airlift 3p management

    fox resi shocks- 4x

    fox dual steering shocks

    showstyle front sway bar kit, with adjustable links

    adjustable rear sway bar links

    all drop brackets, bolts, airlines, fittings and misc hardware included