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98-13  Dodge  Rear Airride 4 link kit

98-13 Dodge Rear Airride 4 link kit

SKU: 3GRF0313
PriceFrom $3,499.00

If you have a stock or lifted 2nd, 3rd or early 4th Gen Dodge then you probably hate the stiff, rough ride, the axle wrap while under heavy throttle and the squat while towing.


We now have the fix for that! Our rear airride 4 link kit makes your truck a completely different truck. It’s 10x smoother then leafs, tows way better then the stock setup, is adjustable for different ride heights or for heavy loads, and much more.


There’s a good reason that most new Dodge trucks now come factory 4 linked on airbags!


Available in any lift size from 4'' to 16'' of lift, custom built options are also available.



The kit comes complete with a weld on rear truss, the bag and trac bar mounts are all built in and prewelded. Simply cut your axles old mounts off, set the truss and link mounts on and run a few welds.


The kit also comes with a bolt on upper crossmember that has the bag mounts and trac bar mount built in. the upper mount can be bolted on to frame or welded on. On 4-6'' kits the upper mounts and are separate due to clearances.


The kit comes with either single or dual shock mounts per side.


Kit comes with bolt or weld on 4 link longarms, frame brackets are bolt/weld on and the links bolt right to the prebuilt truss link mounts.


Links are 1/4'' wall x 1.5 dom with heavy duty 7/8 heims at both ends.


Kit has 9'' travel bags, its setup to go up 4'' and down 5'' from ride height. Management, tanks and compressors are NOT included, can be ordered on our products page.



Ships in bare steel. Install and powdercoat are also available from us.


Kit is custom built to order, approximately 3-6 week build time.