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03-13 Dodge Ram Dual Steering Stabilizer Shock Bracket kit

03-13 Dodge Ram Dual Steering Stabilizer Shock Bracket kit

PriceFrom $39.00

Looking to add dual steering stabilizer shocks to your Dodge Ram truck? We have the right kit for you!


Adding dual steering shocks greatly improvers the driving quality and helps keep your truck straighter and smoother on the road. Especially a must have on lifted trucks with wide tires!


We have the perfect kit to allow mounting dual shocks! These bracket fit 2003-2013  Dodge Ram 2500-3500. 4wd models only.


They bolt on to the axle and connects to the end of the stabilizer shock. Our crossover steering kits come with built in center brackets made to work with these axle mount brackets. This kit is also available with a bolt-on center tierod bracket for use with stock style steering.


A must have bracket if upgrading from a single shock to dual stabilizer shocks and a must have bracket to run either single or dual shocks with our crossover steering kit.


These brackets are very easy to install and come complete with hardware. No cutting or welding is required. (drilling 1x  5/16'' hole is required for the drivers side bracket)


Available in drivers side, passenger side, bracket pair, or bracket pair with center bracket included (for stock steering only)



 Diffenent shock brands are available on the all products page!



This kit fits 2003-2013 Dodge Ram 2500/ 3500 4wd trucks. (Will NOT fit late 2013 Rams with raduis arm front axle.)




    Ships in bare steel.