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98-13  Dodge Full Airride Lift kit

98-13 Dodge Full Airride Lift kit

SKU: 3GFA0313
PriceFrom $9,990.00

We have put together a full airride lift kit for 98-13 Dodge Ram trucks. This kit is the only full airride, full four link kit of this kind on the market!


This badass kit comes with everything you can think of, every piece of suspension is included, and its all mostly bolt on design. Sporting super clean looks, and even better driveabilty then ever before, You only gain more usabilty from this kit, as it tows and handles way better then a factory leaf spring/ coil truck, especially if lifted.


And not to forget the amazingly smooth ride, you'll completely forget you are in a big heavy diesel truck. If you have a Dodge diesel truck then you already know about a stiff rough ride, this kit feels like a cadilac! Super smooth ride whether the truck is empty or towing.



This kit comes with fully bolt on front bag mounts, rear upper mounts and longarm mounts are bolt on as well, only welding required is to weld the rear truss and link/ shock mounts on the rear axle. The kit does require some cutting and grinding on rear of frame, but its very minimal.



The lift kit comes complete with,



Front bolt on bag mount, bags included.


Front crossover steering kit, with dual shock brackets, fully bolt on.


Front heavy duty adjustable trac bar


HD front sway bar adjustable links


Bolt on longarms or cradle and pipe links setup.


2-4'' lift kits come with adjustable front short arms, 4'' and up kits are available with cradle or longarms. Custom cutout show style links also available upon request.


Kit includes a full rear four link kit, 2-6in kits have axle mounts (no truss or upper member due to clearances) 6in-bigger kits have axle truss with built in bag and trac bar mounts and upper member with built in mounts, bags and trac bar is included.



Bags are firestone 9 inch travel bags, ride height is setup with 4 in of up travel, and 5 in of down travel.


(For example, a 4-6 kit rides at 6'' lift, can go up to 10'' lift and down to a 1'' lift)



Dual or single shock mounts per bag available, dual front and rear mounts will require 8 shocks total, single mounts will require 4 shocks. Shocks are available on products page, eyelet style shocks are required.



SHOCKS ARE NOT INCLUDED.  Shocks are available on products page or contact us to add shocks to order.



Also included is a rear airbox that winches up in place of the spare tire, and it holds two included 5 gallon tank and two compressors, and the air management, (all included)



The kit comes with Airlift 3P air management, it's setup with in cab touchpad and a phone bluetoth app. This badass controller is fully tuneable and presetable. It can individually control each bag, all at the touch of a button. And you can walk up to your truck and raise or lower all off your phone!



The kit comes complete with all airlines, air fittings and all hardware.



Ships in bare steel, custom built to order, roughly 7-12 week current build time



Semi Truck ship only - must have business address with forklift or dock to deliver to.




current build time 8-12 weeks
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